Black Boy Peaches

Dunedin, NZ / rock ‘n roll

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The Middle, by Black Boy Peaches

The Middle by Black Boy Peaches, released 21 August 2019 Verse 1 A simple paradise, another stringless heart, a car without its wheels, another empty bar I slip into a trance to contemplate my fate, but in the end I’m just imagining Another trampoline, another IOU, another rolling stone to

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Album: Start Again / Release: July 7th, 2016

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Music & freedom since 2009

Black Boy Peaches is an alternative contemporary pop rock act from Dunedin, New Zealand. Our lifelong goal is creating community through music - writing great songs, playing great shows, making great albums.

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28 Edinburgh Street
Green Island 2018
New Zealand
+64 27 337 1703