Radio One 91FM – Interview with Black Boy Peaches

I (Tommo) spoke with Dave Borrie (IG: @thereaddaveborrie) from Radio One, the student station in Dunedin, NZ (

You can listen to it right here!

Dave Borrie from Radio One 91FM interviewing Tom Mepham from Black Boy Peaches

What we talked about

00:30 – 6:00: On making the EP

6:00 – 9:30: About crowd-funding with Boosted NZ

9:47 – 12:00: On collaborating as brothers / siblings
(via at 10:10 a detour to the Alien Weaponry gig at Starters Bar in Dunedin)

12:20 – 15:30: Past gigs. 2017 OUSA Battle of the Bands 2017, also Parachute 2011, Festival One (“they treat the festival itself as the art form”), ARC Brewery.

16:20 “We’re just Dunedin boys having a bit of fun making music” (Tom lol)

16:54 “I can personally attest to how electric you are live … I’m all for supporting Black Boy Peaches… endorsed by Radio One and endorsed by Dave.”

(shot @thereaddaveborrie)

This interview aired at 5:15pm on Thursday 10th December, 2020 on the Cosmic Thursday Drive Show.

Thanks for having us RADIO ONE and see you next time.

>>> Support the project here: BBP on Boosted

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